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But at the same time, I felt ashamed that I couldn't find the heart to tell him the truth. I was still awake an hour later when the light went off.

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" I smiled warmly and snuggled up to him. "That sounds very.

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" Five minutes later, I watched the two of them slowly make their way to the door without another word or a look back at me. As soon as we were alone, Chris secured the lock and chain on the door, chuckling.

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My lover pulled on his pants and opened my bedroom door to reveal Jolie wearing her coat.

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Sitting on the stoop to the apartment complex, I wrapped my arms around my knees to fend off the chill that set in the moment my butt hit the concrete.

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And Again. Making me arch with a choked gasp each time, my fingers fluttering on the couch.

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" His hands swept my hair over my left shoulder before his lips brushed higher up at the base of my neck.

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