Hi there friends!!  Welcome to my blog SPICE AFFAIRS..   

I finally made up my mind to chase my food dream and do what I like to do best, which would  give happiness to my mind and soul. And now, there is no looking back. This blog is the result of the encouragement given by my family and friends after noticing my passion towards cooking and presenting food, as I strongly believe that one eats with their eyes first. So with support from my dearest husband in all possible ways, I am taking my baby steps in the blogging world and living my spice affairs journey.

My passion for cooking came from my dearest daddy as he was a big foodie and a great cook. He was my mentor and my guide in every sense, and taught me all the basics of the cooking world. He would experiment in the kitchen every weekend and create fusion dishes and come up with exiciting surprises for us everytime. Cooking with him was fun and a great learning experience. I believe that food is the best way to convey your love to your friends and family.

I am an Interior Designer by profession, but nothing could beat my passion for food. My hubby is also into Interior Designing and a big foodie. I am a mom to a handsome little boy who is also a big foodie by heart and they both are my biggest critics and encourage me to try out new dishes everyday. There is no better feeling than to see someone you love so much enjoying and relishing the food prepared by you with so much love and satisfaction.Tummy khush to sab kuch khush!

I have been collecting recipes from every source in the world  from my childhood and have a huge collection of hand-written diaries and cookbooks which are my greatest treasure in the world.

All the recipes I share here are tried and tested in my kitchen. Most of the recipes are created by me and some are family secrets/heirloom recipes. The other recipes have been collected over time from cookbooks, T.V. shows and fellow bloggers.

The blog has recipes of different cusines, cultures and countries with a little twist by me as per my family’s taste. Because for me, normal is boring. So I welcome you all to enjoy my kahani-mein-twist recipes.

I thank you all for taking some time out and reading through my SPICE AFFAIRS JOURNEY!

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